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Safeprosurvetra Nigeria Limited

Categories: Landscaping
Established in 2016, Safeprosurvetra Nigeria Limited, is an organization committed to business of property & survey firm in real estate offering, transparent choices, both in the types of services that you can receive and how those services can be paid for, with a mission to bring service, core value and care to our clients, commission agents, manufacturers’ representatives, importers, exporters suppliers, retails, general merchants to buy, sell, manufacture and deal in all to realize it set objectives. Safeprosurvetra has dedicated its efforts to working with visionary individual people, organization and business owners. Safeprosurvetra Nigeria Ltd strives to be the best owner and operator of multi-family apartment buildings and large hectares of lands within the communities we serve. At Safeprosurvetra, our esteem(s) and plot owners rest comfortably knowing they are in the hands of caring professionals. Safeprosurvetra Nigeria Ltd is a property developing, marketing & Information Company located in Agege, Lagos. We are into making home ownership dream a reality for all. We discover where affordable and fast developing lands are located and make these known to the public. We also show you ways of conveniently and comfortably financing your private property in a very budget friendly manner.

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  • Address:9 orile road tabon-tabon agege, Lagos , Lagos , Nigeria
  • GPS:6.6313345, 3.3197566

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